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Park of the Valiant

The “Park of the Valiant” bronze plaque on the entrance pillar and Fountain on Second Street, near the Headquarters Fire Station commemorates that day in history. Dissatisfied persons within the Borough sought to restrain the Borough from producing electricity in its very early years. Fortunately, the courts dismissed a legal challenge around 1904. The now named “Park of the Valiant” on 2nd Street near the Headquarters Fire Station was built in the 1938-1939 time period as a “floral park” and to commemorate the success in keeping local control of what turned out to be one of the Borough’s greatest financial assets. The fountain experienced major repairs by electric employees in 1993, and further improvements were made in 2012, and 2016. The deteriorated steps leading up to the Park of the Valiant from 2nd Street were replaced by an ADA ramp for greater access in 2017.

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